How our civic university agreement will make an impact

Earlier this year, Newcastle and Northumbria Universities launched the Collaborative Newcastle Universities Agreement (CNUA). This ambitious new civic university partnership brings together the world-leading expertise and collective ‘power’ of both organisations – over 10,000 staff and 50,000 students – to support the health, wealth and wellbeing of people living in Newcastle and beyond. We talked to […]

Newcastle’s commitment to tackling climate change

The indisputable truth is that humans are warming the planet and that billions of people are increasingly under threat from the impacts of climate change.

And it is inescapable that those effects are building exponentially, meaning that every tonne of carbon dioxide emitted, and every fraction of a degree increase in temperature that causes, will be more severe and costly to our planet and its people.

Supporting children and families in new and improved ways

A priority for Collaborative Newcastle is ‘collaborative service transformation’ – this means working together across public, voluntary and community sector health and care organisations in new and innovative ways to redesign key services so they are more joined-up and follow person-centred and community-led approaches. Children and Families Newcastle is one such project – a great example […]

Our local VCS – Active partners in Collaborative Newcastle

In this month’s blog Lisa Goodwin, CEO at Connected Voice and Brendan Hill, Executive Chair of Blue Stone Collaborative, explain the critical role of the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Collaborative Newcastle’s work to tackle health inequalities and improve health, wealth and wellbeing in the City…

Why we’re doing things differently

Just before Christmas we formally launched Collaborative Newcastle – an innovative new partnership seeking to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of everyone in the City.

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