What’s the vision?

“We will share and proactively use data and intelligence in innovative new ways to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of our local residents.

“Working across Collaborative Newcastle partner organisations, we’ll collate and analyse health and care data – including appointments, visits and admissions – for every person in Newcastle to help us identify people whose care could be improved.

“Using this information, we’ll work with individuals, communities and care teams to re-design, innovate and improve the services and support that we provide.”

“Even with great health and care services, healthy life expectancy in Newcastle is on average 5.5 years lower compared to the rest of England.  A ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work when planning health and social care services.

“In a recent survey, only 40% of high intensity users of health and social care services thought that their needs were being fully met.  A holistic view is required in order to provide the truly personalised care which is needed to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of the residents of Newcastle.”

Martin Wilson, COO Newcastle Hospitals and project lead for Duplication to Personalisation

How will we make a difference?

  • We’re using data that already exists in our different organisations but bringing it together for the first time and using data science techniques such as automation and artificial intelligence to analyse it in new ways.

  • A dedicated team will analyse and present the data in ways that will empower a panel of front line health and care teams to do things differently.

  • This new approach will help us to identify people with health and care needs or challenges that aren’t being met effectively, so that we can be more proactive and help people much sooner.  This may include:
    • Those receiving multiple agency input where responsibility for their care would be better given to one single person or team
    • Those frequently accessing emergency or crisis services where their needs may be better met in a planned way
    • Those who we would expect to be accessing services and aren’t – ‘the lost tribe’
    • Those who have suffered in the recent pandemic

  • The data will give us the opportunity to improve people’s health and wellbeing, which may be outside of ‘traditional’ health services but which the Collaborative Newcastle partners can collectively deliver. For example, helping someone to join a community group, get a job or have their roof fixed.

  • This data and insight-led approach will give us greater confidence to pool our resources and spend our money differently.

What are the timescales?

  • Following a successful pilot project last summer, we’ll launch a fully-funded two year project in Autumn 2021. A project team is being recruited to deliver and evaluate the project.
  • In the long term we hope that this work will become self-financing, through the delivery of more effective personalised care and by avoiding duplication of services.

How can I get involved or find out more?

Please contact nuth.collaborative.newcastle@nhs.net


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