Newcastle University is leading the development of the UK’s first Health Innovation Neighbourhood (HIN) on a 29-acre brownfield former hospital site in Newcastle’s West End. HIN will provide a real-world testbed by bringing together the University’s research expertise in ageing and health, places and sustainability, data and digital science, and the creative arts to identify and implement solutions that aid healthier and more sustainable living across the life course.

Using a whole-systems approach the neighbourhood will investigate, identify and implement new solutions to problems that limit people’s health and everyday lives. HIN will provide spaces and opportunities to equip underserved communities with the skills and aspirations they need for the future. In doing so it will help remove barriers and improve life-long access to education.

The Centre for Health and Social Equity (CHASE) at Northumbria University is an internationally-recognised flagship centre, dedicated to promoting health and social equity across the UK and globally. Building upon Northumbria University’s growing reputation for world-class applied teaching and research, the £145m Centre for Health and Social Equity (CHASE) project aims to promote regional, national, and international health and social equity. CHASE is projected to deliver a Net Present Social Value of over £251m over 20 years.

CHASE will be housed in a new state-of-the-art development on Northumbria’s City Centre campus due to open in 2027. The new facility will enable the University to provide more innovative research, teaching, health and care workforce development and services offering to create improved social, economic and health outcomes for marginalised communities.

Building on a decade of exponential growth in research capacity and quality, and capitalising on our social mobility mission, CHASE will enable Northumbria, as a key regional anchor institution, to become an instrument of greater equity as an employing, procuring, teaching and researching institution.

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