The City Futures Board is the custodian of Collaborative Newcastle, with representatives from key anchor institutions, the private sector, and the community and voluntary sector. The Board remains the City’s statutory Health and Wellbeing Board, and is also the statutory Covid Control Board.

A Joint Executive Group (JEG), made up of CEOs and VCs from the partner organisations, oversee delivery against strategic priorities.

Joint Delivery Groups (JDGs) for each of the pillars include representatives from operational teams who work together on a daily and weekly basis to deliver key projects and collaborative activities.

In addition, a formal governance structure has been established between the health and social care partners (Newcastle City Council, Newcastle and Gateshead NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust) and a legal agreement signed outlining shared commitments to delivering integrated health and care services in the City.

Budgets that fund health and social care in the City are now visible to all of the partners, which means that money can be more easily identified, enabling a more joined-up approach to funding key priorities.

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