“Fighting Covid and protecting our city is everybody’s businesses, and that is why all Collaborative Newcastle partners are key to helping make our city safe and implementing this plan. Our Covid Control Plan has been revised and updated based on the lessons learned and the changes we have experienced throughout the course of the pandemic.
“What it does is set out how a variety of organisations and agencies will work together to suppress infections, minimise outbreaks, support communities, support the vaccination programme and help the city recover as safely and quickly as possible.”
Professor Eugene Milne, Director of Public Health for Newcastle


What is the vision?

Since early 2020, we have been fighting a global health crisis which has impacted upon everyone. Businesses have closed, unemployment has risen and, worst of all, thousands of lives have been lost. This has had a profound effect on our communities. Thankfully, the remarkable progress made with vaccines means that we are able to provide an increasing degree of protection and a route back to normality.

In the meantime, it remains essential that we all continue to follow the rules in full and protect ourselves and others from becoming unwell, prevent NHS services from coming under the severe pressures they have faced during the pandemic so far, and save as many lives as possible.

Our Covid Control Plan sets out how we will work with the city as a whole to prevent and tackle viral spread and outbreaks, taking into account the experience of the pandemic in the intervening period and looking forward to getting back to normality.

The key elements of the plan are:

How will we make a difference?

Our main objectives are to identify and control outbreaks of infection, reduce illness and complications, inform future prevention strategies, evaluate existing strategies, and address public concern.

Our primary aim continues to be to prevent outbreaks occurring. Everyone must play their part – reducing the risk of an outbreak, self-isolating when necessary and minimising further disruption to everyday lives and the economy.

Collaboration has been at the heart of our approach to preventing and responding to outbreaks. We have worked tirelessly with partners across all settings and sectors within the city through ‘wraparound’ arrangements. This continues to be fundamental to our approach.


When will key things happen?

Our Covid Control Plan means we have systems in place to constantly monitor and adapt to ever-changing situations. One of the key factors that will have an impact is the Government’s Roadmap out of lockdown:

How can I find out more?

To find out more, visit Newcastle City Council’s Coronavirus information and advice web pages: www.newcastle.gov.uk/covidcontrolplan


This short film tells you more about how Collaborative Newcastle partners came together in 2020 to tackle the early stages of the pandemic and protect local people:

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