Newcastle and Northumbria Universities have collaborated to create and launch the Collaborative Newcastle Universities Agreement -a partnership which brings together the world-leading expertise of both organisations for the benefit of local people.

The universities have a long-established tradition of working collaboratively and through the new agreement aim to bring together the collective ‘power’ of both organisations – over 10,000 staff and 50,000 students – to support the health, wealth and wellbeing of people living in Newcastle and beyond.

As part of this commitment to Collaborative Newcastle, the two universities will be working closely with a range of partners in the public, private, voluntary and cultural sector and will focus on three key areas: Prosperity, People and Planet.

The universities are playing a leading role in a number of key Collaborative Newcastle projects already underway, including:

  • Net Zero Newcastle – working to reduce greenhouse gases to achieve Net Zero and jointly improving the sustainability of our operations and supporting the delivery of the Newcastle Net Zero Action Plan.

  • Newcastle Health Innovation Partners – discovering, developing and delivering new solutions in healthcare to improve the health of people living in the North of England.

  • IntoUniversity – A new learning centre designed to support more young people to engage with higher education and fulfil their potential.

The initiatives delivered under the Collaborative Newcastle Universities Agreement will be aligned with, and directly support, the work of the City Futures Board and collective efforts to drive a more inclusive and sustainable economy locally and regionally.


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