What is the vision?

“We all live in neighbourhoods. The people, places, and things around us have a massive affect on our health and wellbeing. Collaborative Newcastle needs to work differently; if we know and understand what’s happening in someone’s neighbourhood, then together we are better able to identify solutions that will work to improve their life. We want our services to become more connected in the local area. Using this knowledge, we will be better at enabling people to be part of the good things in their area, and bridge the gaps where people need help.” 

Newcastle Neighbourhoods is all about working together to discover and mobilise our neighbourhoods, making sure health and care services also become part of community life.

As a health and care system we are very good at understanding people’s needs and addressing them. We are not so good at seeing a person’s strengths and assets, and how these can contribute to a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Going forward

We want our health and care services to make better use of expert local knowledge to support people and identify local solutions that will work for them.

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