Our objectives

The overall objectives of Collaborative Newcastle in relation to People are to work together to address health inequalities that persist in the region and promote and improve education and skills development of people of all ages and backgrounds to enable them to fulfil their potential.


The Universities will deliver their contribution to the People theme through initiatives that:

  • Grow the rate of participation in higher education by improving access for people of all backgrounds to higher education, especially for children and young people from under-represented groups in Newcastle.

  • Enable students from all backgrounds and cultures to have a positive experience whilst living, studying and working in the city and wider region; for our communities to have a positive experience of living and working alongside our students; and for the city and region to benefit from the skills, knowledge, experience and diversity that students bring. 

  • Develop future leaders through joint programmes that creatively address contemporary issues in our city.

  • Contribute to developing joint leadership programmes across Collaborative Newcastle partners.

Case Studies

IntoUniversity Newcastle East

The IntoUniversity Newcastle East centre is a collaboration between Newcastle and Northumbria Universities and national education charity IntoUniversity to provide additional educational support to those aged 7-18 and who come from backgrounds under-represented in higher education.

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